Program Overview:

Duration: One Day – Monday 9:00a.m – 3:00p.m.

$299.00 CAD

Always putting your customer at the center of your business creates a service driven culture. The most successful businesses clearly understand this concept. This one-day customer service training course will motivate participants to become more customer-focused and passionate about delivering outstanding service by understanding the logicand emotions that motivate a customer to buy or continue using your services. Participants will learn how to be more flexible communicators who are able to engage more effectively with customers, as well as portray energy, commitment, and ownership in each customer interaction.

You'll go away with a set of personalised skills you can use immediately.
In this training, the following topics will be covered:
  • Achieving High Customer Satisfaction.
  • Handling Difficult Customer Situations
  • Handling Difficult Customer Situationss
  • Business Skills for Technical Professionals.
  • Teams and Team Players in a Service Desk Setting.
  • Minimizing Stress and Avoiding Burnout.